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Hygiene for milking systems in dairy farming: EN 1276, EN 13697 (BAKT) tested

Milking systems, Automatic milking systems (AMS) and Tank systems

Dairy farmers know: The chemical nature of milk requires professional routines when cleaning milking equipment, automatic milking systems (AMS) and milk tanks. This is because residues favour bacterial growth

This means: The more milk residues remain in the milking system, the greater the probability that germs will multiply and infect the dairy cattle.

Our products specifically counteract contamination. They are EN 1276, EN 13697 (BAKT) tested, DLG listed and also suitable for organic farming and dairy farming.

These include:

  • Milking machine cleaner / milking plant cleaner with excellent cleaning effect (alkaline, acidic, ecological). These products dissolve limescale and milk stone as well as iron oxides and reliably remove fat and protein contamination as well as pyrovate - with and without chlorine, liquid or as granules, tested according to EN 1276, EN 13697 (BAKT).
  • Cleaner for tanks or milk cooling tanks. Acidic liquid low-temperature cleaners for intensive tank cleaning dissolve limescale and milk scale, iron oxides, pyruvate and safely remove protein and fat residues. Acidic single-phase cleaners based on organic acids with non-ionic surfactants have a high wetting effect and thoroughly dissolve grease, protein, pigment dirt and inorganic deposits.
  • Cleaners for automatic milking systems (AMS) and milking robots. Our alkaline or acidic cleaners remove organic and inorganic soiling. They are suitable for: Lemmer Fullwood "Merlin", Isentec "Galaxy Starline", SAC "RMS" or GEA Farmtechnologie "Titan" and "MI one" or Lely "Astronaut".

FINK TEC supports milk hygiene: with cleaning and disinfection solutions specially tailored to raw milk and all milking cards

Dairy farmers face three challenges:

  1. all surfaces that come into contact with milk must be cleaned regularly to prevent germ infestation.
  2. in particular, the materials that are applied to the animals or their udders must be absolutely clean - otherwise udder health is at risk.
  3. Cleaning and disinfection products must not leave any residues in milk.

Our products help dairy farmers to meet precisely these basic requirements. How? With cleaning and disinfection solutions specially tailored to different needs.

Do you have questions about the correct application or would you like to know which cleaning products are suitable for your individual milking system? Then let us advise you now without obligation.

FINK TEC also supports your hygiene measures with the creation of cleaning and hygiene plans for milking systems, pipe systems and milk tanks!

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