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For efficient operation: With our process system checks, we optimise your automated cleaning processes.

In addition to the use of detergents and disinfectants as needed, the optimal use of required process water quantities and the saving of cleaning times are decisive. However, these requirements are often not met in everyday operations.

The reason: The stored cleaning programmes are regularly updated after commissioning. But the original settings of the rinsing and operating times are not adapted to the operational changes. This means that important optimisation potential remains unused.

The FINK TEC process system check includes the recording and metrologically supported verification of all relevant operating data that are necessary for the implementation of a fully comprehensive system optimisation.


  • In a preliminary discussion, we define the inspection areas and the intended project goals together with you.
  • In the next step, we prepare the currently stored cleaning programmes and the resulting consumption data in the form of a data matrix. In addition, the optical and microbiological cleaning results achieved are documented.
  • In order to be able to accurately assess the course of a cleaning process, a complete and self-sufficient recording of all relevant parameters over the entire time line is required. With the help of our FINK TEC - DATACIP measuring unit, we fully meet this requirement.
  • Based on the recorded data, we subsequently make a well-founded statement about which optimisation steps defined in the target definition can actually be implemented.
  • In addition, a precise calculation of the savings potential is made. Our comprehensive documentation compares the results of the initial measurement with those of the new system settings.

Verification service

Hygienic safety: Our verification service reliably assesses the cleanliness status of surfaces with regard to organic residues after a standard cleaning.

Persulphate technology (PST) is used to verify the hygiene status.

The basis of this method is a manganometric measuring procedure in an alkaline environment. In this process, organic residues are completely oxidised to mineral components. Due to this oxidation process, the colour of the applied verification solution changes - as in a step control exactly depending on the degree of organic contamination. This change is evaluated by means of digital recording via an application in real-time mode.

Basically, two usage variants with a variety of application areas are possible for the implementation of a PST cleaning verification:

Basically, two usage variants with a variety of application areas are possible for the implementation of a PST cleaning verification:

Fluid method for cleaning verification of closed process systems. Especially suitable for:
  • product-carrying systems (pipelines, process systems, tanks, valve manifolds, filling systems, etc.)
  • Piping systems (e.g. foam cleaning, belt lubrication, water systems, etc.)
  • Containers (bottles, kegs, etc.)
Gel method

for cleaning verification of surfaces.

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FINK TEC reusable system

FINK TEC works in an environmentally friendly way with an efficient reusable system: for more than 50 years we have been combining quality and environmental demands to provide a convincing service.

Through the consistent implementation of our reusable system and the resulting savings in primary materials, we reduce the consumption of energy and resources - successfully and demonstrably.

The trained drivers of our company-owned logistics fleet ensure a highly reliable return system of full and empty containers in compliance with all legal requirements.


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