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Regular stable disinfection with disinfectants specially adapted to animal husbandry complements stable cleaning in intensive animal husbandry. This reliably inactivates and kills pathogens.

If cleaning and disinfection are not carried out continuously, cattle, cows, pigs, chickens and other fattening livestock can fall ill - in addition to reduced performance, there is a risk of entire herds being lost due to the transmission of pathogens. The consequence: massive economic consequences for the farm.

We support modern animal husbandry with disinfection products that are DIN-EN standard tested and DVG listed.

FINK TEC: Disinfectant for preventive disinfection in intensive animal husbandry and for disease control.

Effective against

  • African and (classical) European swine fever
  • Foot and mouth disease (FMD)
  • Avian influenza (H5N8)

In addition to surface disinfectants that are bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and also mycobactericidal, we offer specific broad-spectrum disinfectants as well as disinfectants with 5% or 15% peracetic acid.

Prevent the spread of pathogens and possible epidemics! Our surface disinfectant Ökoron®5 AHC, for example, is DVG-listed, EN-tested and highly effective against

  • African and (classical) European swine fever
  • Foot and mouth disease (FMD)
  • Avian influenza (H5N8)

Ökoron®5 AHC can be foamed, does not develop any resistance and, in addition to disinfecting stables in intensive livestock farming, is also suitable for disinfecting livestock transporters, slaughter ovens and boots.

For long-term stable hygiene: advice directly on site, creation of a cleaning concept and a large selection of technical solutions for application.

In addition to providing highly effective cleaning agents and disinfectants, we professionalise long-term stable hygiene in intensive animal husbandry. For this purpose, we create a professional cleaning concept - tailored to the individual framework conditions of your farm. We advise you directly on site on the use of the appropriate cleaning agents and disinfectants and provide practical tips on their effective application.

In addition, we offer a wide product range of technical solutions, such as metering devices and accessories. These include:

  • Dosing pumps
  • Foam injectors
  • Hydro-Foamer
  • Compressed air atomisers
  • Dip cups / foam dip cups
  • Easy Foam
  • Spray & Dip

Let us advise you now, without obligation and directly on site, on suitable disinfection measures in intensive animal husbandry!

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FINK TEC reusable system

FINK TEC works in an environmentally friendly way with an efficient reusable system: for more than 50 years we have been combining quality and environmental demands to provide a convincing service.

Through the consistent implementation of our reusable system and the resulting savings in primary materials, we reduce the consumption of energy and resources - successfully and demonstrably.

The trained drivers of our company-owned logistics fleet ensure a highly reliable return system of full and empty containers in compliance with all legal requirements.

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