FINK TEC reusable system

Reusable with added value: We take responsibility for the environment and climate

As a member of the Responsible Care initiative, we strive for continuous improvement in the areas of environment, safety and health beyond legal requirements. Therefore, we consistently focus on energy and resource conservation by saving primary materials.

FINK TEC reusable system

Our integrated returnable system is groundbreaking - and a real added value for FINK TEC customers.

It could hardly be simpler: if the recipient of new goods has empties ready, our in-house logistics fleet (all trucks have EURO 6) takes the empty containers back with it. These are then checked and cleaned in our processing department and made available for the next use.

Your advantages:

  • responsible sustainability when purchasing cleaning and disinfection solutions
  • professional cleaning and rinsing by trained FINK TEC employees
  • less organisational effort thanks to integrated logistics processes
  • sichere Verwertung bzw. Entsorgung der Leergebinde
  • safe recycling or disposal of empty containers

Long-term oriented economic action: we conserve natural resources.

In 2020 alone, CO2 savings through our reusable system amounted to 372.000 kg.

This is what we mean by sustainability: the FINK TEC reusable cycle

At FINK TEC, taking back empties begins with delivery.

We attach great importance to product responsibility, which is why our processes are integrated: You have ordered new goods? Our in-house fleet delivers them safely and on time. After unloading the new goods, the driver picks up the corresponding empty containers and takes them back to our production facility.

There they are cleaned and tested. Their further use is then specific:

  1. cleaned containers that show no defects are made available for the next round in the environmentally friendly reusable cycle. In this way, we conserve limited resources.
  2. if the cleaned containers show defects, damage or expired container registration stamps, they are disposed of. This ensures that only safe containers are in circulation. During disposal, the containers are shredded, pressed and recycled according to type. In doing so, we avoid downcycling. New technical parts can be produced from the recyclate obtained (i.e. the plastic created from the used plastic).

We meet the requirements of the market

As a medium-sized family business, we value long-term cooperation. We are your partner in the field of hygiene.

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