Solutions for the beverage and dairy industry


Highly effective cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as individual hygiene concepts - for the different areas of application in dairies.

Cleaning and disinfecting agents for dairies

Hygienic safety for dairies - from individual hygiene concept to application

Hygienic safety for dairies - from individual hygiene concepts to specific cleaning and disinfection solutions to cleaning verification

Highly effective detergents and disinfectants, individual hygiene concepts, efficient cleaning verification tools and user training for the different application areas of milk processing companies:

From raw milk to the finished end product: microbiologically pure production is central in the dairy industry - whether for drinking milk, processed dairy products or milk protein products. This is the only way to meet the high demands on product quality. Hygiene, quality assurance and quality management are therefore top priorities in the dairy.

FINK TEC counters possible risks of microbiological contamination with high-quality cleaning agents and disinfectants as well as individual hygiene concepts - precisely tailored to the different requirements.

We support you with efficient and sustainable application concepts for all process areas as well as personal application advice on site. This is how we ensure hygienic safety. Our qualified sales team meets all the requirements of the performance profile of modern hygiene management.

As a FINK TEC customer, you benefit from expert advice, technical service support, in-house user training and cyclical measurement and control tests and verification of hygiene processes.


  • Regular intensive cleaning and disinfection of the production and filling facilities, the environment and the social areas in strict compliance with the individual factors of Sinner's Circle - as a comprehensive basis for high-quality dairy products.
  • avoidance of splash shadows (through just-in-time cleaning efficiency tests), reduction of water consumption as well as temporal optimisation of cleaning and disinfection intervals during CIP cleaning of production and filling equipment, pipelines as well as tanks
  • Continuous removal of organic deposits from belt lubrication systems, matched to belt types and water hardnesses
  • Compliance with the HACCP concept, BRC specifications and IFS standards
  • development of individual hygiene concepts
  • Motivated employees trained in the correct application who implement the high standards professionally

FINK TEC: tailor-made solutions for the requirements of dairies

For the production of high-quality cheese products, we have cleaning and disinfection solutions specially adapted to the relevant individual applications. These work within the framework of holistic system solutions and on the basis of comprehensive application and hygiene concepts.


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FINK TEC reusable system

FINK TEC works in an environmentally friendly way with an efficient reusable system: for more than 50 years we have been combining quality and environmental demands to provide a convincing service.

Through the consistent implementation of our reusable system and the resulting savings in primary materials, we reduce the consumption of energy and resources - successfully and demonstrably.

The trained drivers of our company-owned logistics fleet ensure a highly reliable return system of full and empty containers in compliance with all legal requirements.

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