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Hygiene solutions for bakeries, confectioneries and branches: High-quality cleaning and disinfecting agents as well as individual hygiene concepts for various areas of application.

Cleaning and disinfecting agents for bakeries & confectioneries

Hygienic safety for bakeries/pastry shops - from individual hygiene concept to application

Both in the production process and in store-selling applies: The requirements are high on hygiene management in industrial bakeries, bakehouses, confectioneries and their sales areas.

The requirements include (amongst others):

  • removal of stubborn, often sticky and/or baked-on product residues from kneading machines, baking trays and baskets, trolleys, surfaces, floors and walls
  • compliance with the HACCP concept, the BRC guidelines and the IFS standards
  • compliance with the Drinking Water Ordinance
  • development of individual hygiene concepts for baking areas as well as sales and restaurant areas
  • motivated and trained staff who implement the high standards professionally

Specific solutions for hygienic safety both in the bakehouse and in the sales areas: the cleaning and disinfecting agents from FINK TEC

We offer high-quality cleaning and hygiene solutions for the following applications as well as the appropriate monitoring tools.

Our product range includes

  • surface disinfection (foam disinfection, spray disinfection, alcohol-based disinfection)
  • cleaning agents for industrial dishwashers (alkaline cleaning, acidic cleaning, antifoamers)
  • cleaning agents for commercial dishwashers (solid, liquid, rinse aid)
  • detergent solutions for branch store areas (neutral, mildly alkaline or alcohol-based detergent concentrate, floor cleaners)
  • products used to clean vehicles for bakery products
  • cleaning and disinfecting agents for social and sanitary facilities
  • cleaning and disinfecting agents for personnel hygiene

With proven effectiveness supported by DIN-EN standard.


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FINK TEC reusable system

FINK TEC works in an environmentally friendly way with an efficient reusable system: for more than 50 years we have been combining quality and environmental demands to provide a convincing service.

Through the consistent implementation of our reusable system and the resulting savings in primary materials, we reduce the consumption of energy and resources - successfully and demonstrably.

The trained drivers of our company-owned logistics fleet ensure a highly reliable return system of full and empty containers in compliance with all legal requirements.

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