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Hygiene solutions for box washing in food processing plants

Box washing

Transport boxes, large containers and palletboxes are indispensable for the production and logistics process. The boxes are heavily stressed in daily use. They are used time and time again and in direct contact with foodstuffs as well as meat products of all kinds. Hygienic solutions are needed here.

FINK TEC offers food processing companies, slaughterhouses, bakeries and canteen kitchens specific hygiene solutions for box washing – DIN tested.

Our products are cleaning and disinfecting solutions matched to one another that allow your company to optimise specific hygiene processes individually.

The FINK TEC Cleaning and Disinfecting Solutions remove

  • organic residues, such as blood, proteins, fats and additive safely
  • stubborn sticky product residues
  • dried-on or baked-on product or food leftovers

Food processing companies and slaughterhouses thus ensure that there will be no contaminations caused by product change (for instance: from pork up to beef or chicken). In addition, they counteract cross-contaminations and/or transfer of allergens using our cleaning and hygiene solutions. Our consulting engineers define the required cleaning sequences in consultation with you directly in situ.

This way, microbiologically sensitive products can be safely processed as frequently existing in internal transport and/or in black/white areas – always.

Our cleaning and hygiene solutions which work in combination with each other are suitable for inside and outside cleaning of:

  • Transport boxes (E2 and E3 boxes)
  • Palletboxes
  • Tiltable charging trolleys
  • Sheet metals
  • Baskets
  • Pots

We particularly recommend: Ökoron® CIP. This non-foaming, environmentally compatible cleaning agent dissolves and removes fats as well as oils based on its ecological raw material base. Ökoron® CIP degrades proteins and other organic contaminations to water-soluble compounds.

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FINK TEC reusable system

FINK TEC works in an environmentally friendly way with an efficient reusable system: for more than 50 years we have been combining quality and environmental demands to provide a convincing service.

Through the consistent implementation of our reusable system and the resulting savings in primary materials, we reduce the consumption of energy and resources - successfully and demonstrably.

The trained drivers of our company-owned logistics fleet ensure a highly reliable return system of full and empty containers in compliance with all legal requirements.

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