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CIP cleaning: Hygiene solutions for fruit juice producers

CIP cleaning

CIP cleaning is one of the most proven universal cleaning methods in the beverage and dairy industry. It enables automatic and disassembly-free cleaning of closed process systems - e.g. pipelines, production plants and tanks. FINK TEC offers specific cleaning, product and application concepts as well as customised application products for CIP cleaning. Professional system analyses and efficient cleaning verifications round off our range of services.


  • Residue-free removal of a wide range of contaminants
  • Reduced water consumption and optimised cleaning or rinsing phases
  • No spray shadows due to cleaning verification directly on site in real time

The challenges of automatic cleaning-in-place processes include not only the identification of possible splash shadows, but also water consumption and the cleaning or rinsing phases that are deducted from the production time. Therefore, in order to ensure the production of high-quality beverage and dairy products, the flawless technical and control design of the system is important. In addition, the use of perfectly coordinated cleaning and disinfection products is crucial.

We support companies in the beverage and dairy industry with our

  • Our extensive range of coordinated application products, consisting of alkaline and acid cleaning and disinfection solutions for different performance levels.
  • A toolkit for locating organic deposits within CIP cleaning circuits, providing real-time results.
  • a process system check that defines the optimal use of process water quantities and optimises cleaning times
  • Cleaning verification, which helps to eliminate negative effects of residual contamination on the beverage or dairy product at an early stage.
Products for use

Specific cleaning and disinfectant systems are available for hygienically perfect CIP cleaning. These are categorised according to performance levels and matched to the respective requirement profile.

  • Basic class: Ensuring reliable cleaning and disinfection results within the scope of the usual requirements of regular process hygiene.
  • Performance class: Product solutions for particularly demanding process requirements which, in coordinated combination, also enable optimisation of operating times.
  • Special class: Product solutions for specific applications.
System analysis

The FINK TEC process system check module provides our team with a procedure for recording and analysing essential process data. From the individual results, we derive the process status and subsequently optimise individual potentials (e.g. water consumption and operating times).

In this way, we can reduce your operating costs and increase the safety and performance of your processes.

Here you can find more information about the FINK TEC process system check.

Cleaning verification

For the verification of cleaning results, FINK TEC offers the PST verification service module. A verification solution is passed through the product-carrying system. This reacts to even the smallest amounts of residual organic matter by changing colour. With the appropriate measurement technology, deviations can be analysed or assigned by us directly on site and in real time.

Here you can find more information about the FINK TEC verification service.

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