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Professional udder hygiene before and after milking in dairy farming

Udder hygiene and intermediate cluster disinfection

For healthy dairy cattle and hygienically perfect milk products:

Professional udder hygiene before and after milking and intermediate cluster disinfection are essential for animal health and milk hygiene. If cleaning and disinfection are neglected, mastitis-relevant germs can multiply. This can lead to udder infections and other diseases.

The consequence:

  • Performance depression
  • increased cell counts
  • deterioration in milk quality
  • possible loss of milk money

Our products specifically counteract contamination, ensure udder hygiene before and after milking and support animal health. They are EN 1276, EN 1650, EN 1656, EN 1657 tested and also suitable for organic farming and dairy farming.

We recommend: Regular pre-washing of the udder, intermediate disinfection with fast-acting disinfectants by spraying and dipping, and disinfection and care after milking with highly efficient dip and spray products.

The three phases of FINK TEC udder hygiene - for healthy dairy cattle and hygienically perfect milk products

Here are our solutions for professional hygiene around milking:

  1. udder hygiene products before milking.
    Comprehensive solutions for udder hygiene: from FINK-Lactic PreWash to highly efficient teat cleaning with active foam (Easy Foam) with optimally adjusted pH value to special products for organic farming. With Easy Foam, the teats are completely enclosed by the foam, the foam density can be regulated. Product losses are avoided, "contaminated products" do not run back and milking times are shortened due to easy handling. Suitable for all herd sizes.
  2. intermediate cluster disinfection.
    A major risk of infection is posed by the milk-bearing rubber parts and teat rubbers, which must be cleaned of germs relevant to mastitis. Milking lines are easier to clean due to their smooth surface. For these special applications, we recommend Ökoron® 11 and Ökoron® 12 (suitable for organic dairy farming), acidic liquid disinfectants with 5 and 15 percent peracetic acid, respectively. They have a broad spectrum of activity, show no signs of resistance and have been specially developed for intermediate cluster disinfection.
  3. udder hygiene after milking.
    From caring and moisturising teat disinfectant for dipping to two-component teat disinfectant for spraying to special products for organic farming. These basic products are supplemented by special udder care products for the cold season as well as technical solutions such as the Oxi-Mixer, pressure foam devices and dosing pumps.

Do you have questions about the correct application or would you like to know which cleaning products are specifically suitable for your dairy farm? Then let us advise you now without obligation.

FINK TEC also supports your hygiene measures by drawing up cleaning and hygiene plans for milking systems, pipe systems and milk tanks!

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