Hygiene solutions for the beverage-, brewing- and milk industry

Drinks industry

Individual solutions for professional hygiene management among drinks manufacturers and dairies

We develop and produce innovative hygiene products for different areas of the drinks and dairy industry as well as complete solutions with certified quality.

These include:

  • Brewing industry / Bottling plants
  • Milk processing industry
  • Microbreweries
  • Wine and juice production
  • Catering industry & commercial kitchens

Our products and services for the drinks and dairy industry:

  • Detergents and disinfectants for all fermentation and storage tanks, bottle washing machines, piping, filling machines, conveyor lubrication, etc.
  • The exclusive ÖKORON® system: Special, environmentally friendly detergents and disinfecting agents (low-temperature cleaners, EN 1276 tested, biodegradable)
  • Training programmes (in person or online) for customers, tailored to the specific needs of individual hygiene management
  • Customer support by our application engineers on-site (e.g. process analyses or regular, application-related support and documentation)
  • Special products for microbreweries

Cleaning and disinfecting solutions for the entire production chain – sustainable and resource-saving

Our portfolio of products and services is not limited to individual application scenarios, but encompasses the overall requirements of a modern production company in the beverage industry: From CIP cleaning to belt lubrication.

However, complex cleaning processes cannot be reduced to the use of a single product. Instead, they require the development of a needs-based and technical concept tailored to individual specifications. We will provide you with advice, inform you about innovations, examine processes in-house and train your employees on-site.

Result: Optimum cleaning results with a simultaneous reduction in terms of time, the product that is used, energy and water. This is what we mean by true sustainability.

  • Process hygiene - CIP plant
  • Water treatment
  • Staff hygiene
  • Container hygiene
  • Membrane cleaning
  • Common room hygiene
  • Conveyor lubrication
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Hygiene of plant and environmental hygiene
  • Raw materials
  • Dosing and plant technology
  • Special applications

Bottle cleaning

The FINK TEC filtration system for plant maintenance and container protection optimises the hygiene status of bottle washing systems. This contributes to an improvement in quality, avoiding complaints and a reduction in the manual cleaning that is involved.


Conveyor lubrication

Our conveyor clean system improves the hygienic status of conveyor lubricant systems - simply and cost-effectively. The work involved in manual cleaning and foam cleaning measures is significantly reduced.


Spray shadow test

How efficient is the cleaning of drink filling machines, conveyor cleaning systems, containers and tanks? A spray shadow test determines the cleaning efficiency "just in time" by means of a visual check and partial swabs.


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