Disinfectants and cleaning agents for agriculture and livestock


Environmentally friendly solutions for professional hygiene management in the field of agriculture

Profitability in the business of animal husbandry starts with hygiene. That is why, throughout Europe, we have been supporting agricultural businesses for many decades with our innovative hygiene products and complete solutions.

Our products are particularly suitable for:

  • Conventional and organic farms with animal husbandry and dairy farming
  • Direct marketers of agricultural products

Disinfecting and cleaning products for agriculture:

  • Detergents and disinfectants for all milking systems and milk cooling systems (DLG listed, EN 1276 tested)
  • The exclusive ÖKORON® system: Special, environmentally friendly cleaning and disinfecting agents (low-temperature cleaner, EN 1276 tested, biodegradable) for milking machines
  • Udder hygiene products 'BEFORE' milking (approved veterinary medicines, EN 1656 tested): from Lactic PreWash and the highly efficient cleaning of teats with active foam that has an optimally adjusted pH to special products for organic farming and rapid tests to determine udder health
  • Udder hygiene 'AFTER' milking (approved veterinary medicines, EN 1656 tested): from gentle and moisturising teat disinfectant for dipping through to two-component teat disinfectant for spraying, special products for organic agriculture and udder care for the cold season
  • Hoof hygiene: Complete solution for hoof hygiene with a liquid disinfectant, liquid hoof cleanser and as an alternative, alkaline claw dust bath
  • Cattle pen and animal hygiene products (EN 1276 and EN 1656 tested, DVG listed): Disinfectants and surface disinfectants (bactericidal, fungicidal, virucidal and also mycobactericidal), broad-spectrum disinfectants, disinfectants with 5% or 15% peracetic acid, highly effective disinfectants against African, classical and/or European swine fever, foot-and-mouth disease (FMD) and bird flu (H5N8)
  • Foam cleaner for milking parlours, tractors, equipment and surfaces (tested to EN 1276): from alkaline foam cleaner with active chlorine through to special industrial cleaners for natural fats/oils, high-foaming disinfectant cleaners, ecological cleaners for all surfaces and acidic, universal whey-based cleaners
  • Disinfectants for common rooms, washrooms and personal hygiene: Cleaners for washrooms (acidic or whey-based), hygienic hand washes, special hand cleaners for heavy soiling, alcoholic skin washes and disinfectants
  • Special products for direct marketing

Technology solutions and accessories for comprehensive hygiene management

Our range of products is not limited to disinfection and cleaning solutions.

We fully support hygiene measures on the farm. In addition to a large number of specific products, we also offer technical solutions tailored to specific application scenarios:

  • Easy Foam allows simple udder hygiene before milking. With this solution, the teats are completely surrounded by the foam. The foam density can be regulated. Product losses are avoided, "contaminated products" do not run back and milking times are shortened by simple handling. Suitable for herds of all sizes!
  • Spray & Dip and Oxi-Mixer are the complementary technology solutions for udder hygiene after milking: Spray Dip enables the automatic filling of the dip cup and the simple adjustment of the amount used, without product losses. The Oxi-Mixer mixes the individual components automatically and as needed, so that the ready-to-use solution does not have a long life.
  • ÖKORON® Kompakt: Dosing stations for drinking water, claw baths and intermediate disinfection when milking.
  • ÖKORON® Sept: An acidic product for cleaning and disinfecting drinking water and drinking water systems.
  • Accessories & Dosage equipment: Pressure foam devices, dosing pumps, foam injectors, hydro-foamers, compressed air atomisers, foam dip cups, udder paper and much more.

Agriculture brochure

FINK TEC offers a comprehensive product range for professional hygiene management in farms, cattle sheds and the dairy industry. In this brochure, we have provided a clear summary of all application scenarios and products.


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