e-learning: Offers for flexible personnel training


Building up knowledge online, proving knowledge and gaining certificates

The staff of customers who use detergents and disinfectants not only need to be familiar with their application, they also have to have to understand how to use them safely. The law requires employees to complete retraining courses on selected topics.

This is why (among others methods), we teach using our e-learning tool

  • Knowledge of potential hazards
  • Basic knowledge of hazards
  • Measures for averting hazards
  • Knowledge concerning the usage, storage and disposal of the individual substances
  • Correct behaviour in an emergency
  • Staff hygiene training

Our e-learning offers advantages for staff and companies:

  • Employees are able to acquire knowledge in a way that is effective, sustainable certified and flexible (i.e. independent of shift patterns, sick days or holiday periods).
  • Companies benefit because they do not have to spend a lot of time or an excessive amount of organisation in meeting their training and documentation obligations.

Customers have the choice between training packages of different 'sizes':

  • Package 1: 5 training units
  • Package 2: 25 training units
  • Package 3: 50 training units
  • Package 4: 100 training units
The program updates are already included in the package: The training content is constantly updated at FINK TEC's main office. Prices are available on request.

Your personal certificate in just a few steps:

Step 1:
Enquiry made to the sales office on 02385/73-0or by e-mail.

Step 2:
Personal advice from our sales representative.

Step 3:
You will receive your access data quickly and easily by e-mail.

Step 4:
Visit our e-learning tool and you will receive your personal certificate shortly after completing the training.

For more information, please contact our sales team: internal sales.

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